It's been an inexcusably hot minute since I shared my Time Warp Tuesday songs with all y'all. I am sorry, but what can I say? I am still a piece of garbage. Accept my humble apologies and turn up your speakers for this charcuterie of sound.

House of Cards/Radiohead
It's cold. It's rainy. I'm in my feelings with this track from In Rainbows which perfectly captures the longing and heartache of a tortured romance.

Terrible Lie/ Nine Inch Nails
Sunday marked the 30th anniversary of the release of Pretty Hate Machine, one of the greatest alt-rock albums of all time. I've been listening to it like non-stop since this weekend, and I don't think this track (the second one on the album) gets enough props. I really dig the Depeche Mode-esque synths, and basically anything Trent Reznor does is great to me, so...

We're In This Together Now/ Nine Inch Nails
I forgot how much this song from The Fragile slaps until it yesterday when it popped up on my shuffle.

Fox in the Snow/ Belle and Sebastian
I am so happy that it's finally chilly and dreary enough to listen to Belle and Sebastian on an endless loop while I imagine myself as some kind of manic pixie dreamgirl roaming the Scottish Highlands in a wool cardigan.

Jesus Doesn't Want Me for a Sunbeam/ Nirvana
Nirvana's iconic Unplugged session was over 25 years ago, and this song is still as haunting as ever.

A Thousand Hours/ The Cure
I tell people I am totally fine and not on the edge of a nervous breakdown, but it's all lies. I'm listening to this track from Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me and sobbing in the bathtub. You know: a normal Tuesday.

Zombie Nation/ Grendel
I know it's not for another 9 days, but as far as I am concerned, all of October is Halloween. Let's get freaky.

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