Retro songs! Repressed past trauma! Random ramblings! I have all of this and more, so jump on in for my weekly Time Warp Tuesday roundup, y'all.

The Less I Know the Better/ Tame Impala
The bass line of this banger is almost enough to distract me from the wistfully melancholy of its lyrics. ALMOST.

Kate/ Ben Folds Five
I have been on a real Ben Folds Five kick as of late. I was listening to Whatever & Ever Amen last week when I stumbled across this track, and I was inundated with middle school Meg memories. I used to listen to this song and hope that one day, a dude would feel this way about me... and he'd put it on a mix tape, and I'd swoon. Spoiler alert: that never happened.

Plainsong/ The Cure
On Thursday, you'll be able to watch The Cure as they play Disintegration in its entirety. The band has embarked on a tour to mark the 30th anniversary of this absolute masterpiece of an album, and the May 30th show from the Sydney Opera House will be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube. I cannot wait.

Young Men Dead/ The Black Angels
This song rocks. That's not my opinion; that's a stone cold fact.

Spawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)/ Arcade Fire
Few songs capture the existential dread and ennui that one feels living in the suburban wasteland quite as well as this one. Do you continue to follow your dreams or give into the conformity of corporate culture?

Broken Bones and Pocket Change/ St. Paul and The Broken Bones
GOT DANG can Paul Janeway sing. Listen to this track from 2014's Half the City and tell me he isn't the reincarnation of Otis Redding. I dare you.

Saturdays/ Twin Shadow ft. HAIM
I was OBSESSED with this song last summer. I still can't get enough of it.

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