18-year-old Shot in Face near McFarland ABC Store
An18-year-old man was shot in the face Saturday afternoon walking near the ABC package store on McFarland Boulevard in Tuscaloosa.
Captain Kip Hart, the assistant commander of the Tuscaloosa Violent Crimes Unit, said the wounded man was shot by an unknown assailant as he walked down the street and ra…
Man tries to steal car, doesn’t know how to drive stick
This has to be the most millennial story ever.
A Florida man thought it would be a smooth idea to jack a car from an elderly man Thursday night. Turned out to be a real bad idea.
According to the Orange County Sheriff's office, Jaylen Alexander, 25, tried to steal an elderly man's car while …
Fri-Yay Weather Outlook For July 19th
Today you can expect partly sunny skies today with a high near 94 with a 40% chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. Tonight a low around 75 is possible with mostly cloudy conditions with scattered showers and thunderstorms.
Wasp spray is the new meth
I wouldn't recommend it, but a lot of people are huffing wasp spray to get the same high as meth.
Luckily, wasps wont be bugging you when you get high but the consequence could be dire. The active ingredient in pesticides is a class of molecules known as pyrethroids, which penetrate the ins…

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