It's Time Warp Tuesday, my loves. Are you ready for some retro tracks to rock your world? This is the once-weekly roundup of throwback jams that have sustained me throughout the years coupled with my random musings about the raging dumpster fire that is my life. As my favorite fashionista would say, eskettit.

Creep/ Prince
Prince covered Radiohead's "Creep" at Coachella in 2008. If you've never witnessed this before, do yourself a favor and watch this entire video IMMEDIATELY. Prince is a straight-up prophet and absolutely SHREDS this cover into the next dimension.

Camel Walk/ Southern Culture on the Skids
I was at Half Shell Oyster House last night and made a reference to this song, and NO ONE got it. I was devastated. Who's in charge here? Where's my Captain's Wafers? 

Girlfriend in a Coma/ The Smiths
Your girl is a sucker for the sonorous serenade that only The Smiths can deliver. I mean, who else can make a song about a girl in a coma sound so... irresistible?

I Am Trying to Break Your Heart/ Wilco
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot is one of my Top 5 favorite albums of all time. Ever. I love listening to it on rainy autumn afternoons--or any day for that matter. Jeff Tweedy's at his best on this album that defines what Alt-Country can be... it's like deep-fried Radiohead, and I am very much here for it.

Don't Swallow the Cap/ The National
On any given night, there is a 55% chance I am taking a bubble bath while listening to The National and crying. It's fun. Try it sometime. When Matt sings, "I have only two emotions/ Careful fear and dead devotion/ I can't get the balance right Throw my marbles in the fight," lose it--100% guaranteed.

Sullen Girl/ Fiona Apple
I am, in fact, a sullen girl. High school Meg used to listen to this song on her Walkman and lament the fact that no one understood her. I would say I have grown out of that unnecessary angst, but... nah.

Never Enough/ The Cure
While we're on the subject of lyrics that cut me to the core, let's listen to this Cure track: "However much I push it down/ It's never enough/ However much I push it around/ It's never enough/ However much I make it out/ It's never enough" Just... damn, Robert Smith.


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