6 Things I've Learned About Alabama Since Moving From Florida
I'm approaching a full year since moving to Alabama and man has it been a wild ride! I've been loving being out in the community at high schools, community events, and of course being on the radio with all of the loyal listeners. I've come to learn that Florida is very different from …
What will The Alabama Football Season Look Like This Fall?
How will the SEC and Big 12 respond to the decisions of the other conferences? Will SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey opt to follow suit and play only conference matchups? Should the conferences try to play its group of five and FCS opponents to ensure those schools are able to make their budget?
Baby Nails: They Grow so Fast!
There are so many things I feel like people don't talk about enough when you become a parent. The baby jerking in their sleep, the 30-minute naps, and the always growing baby nails!

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