Guess what? It's Tuesday. Did you know that? Did you know? DID YOU? I'm about to drop seven retro tracks as Time Warp Tuesday is upon us. I would write more in this introductory paragraph, but I am severely under-caffeinated this morning, so let's just do the damn thing.

Debra/ Beck
I am SO STOKED about seeing Beck at the Oak Mountain Amphitheater tonight, so I am going wayback with a song from Midnite Vultures. I may or may not have sang this karaoke-style at several college parties, but... yeah.

In One Ear/ Cage the Elephant
The video for this song was shot in and around Bowling Green, Kentucky. This is where I went to college, and those crowd scenes? That's Tidballs, my favorite dive bar. I remember seeing Cage there when they were still called Perfect Confusion.

How to Disappear Completely/ Radiohead
Kid A is a perfect album. This is a perfect song. I will spare you (most of) the details, but I have struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my adult life. "How to Disappear Completely" captures the overwhelming sense of melancholy, dread, and sadness that consumes me on occasion; listening to it is so cathartic.

Danger! High Voltage!/ Electric Six
Things got pretty dark there for a second, so... how about an uptempo banger?

Just Like Heaven/ The Cure
If a) romantic love were real and b) that process/feeling had a tangible sound, it would be this song.

Holy Roller Novocaine/ Kings of Leon
This was the soundtrack for my, uh, wild days. I love this song.

Mr. E's Beautiful Blues/ The Eels
The Eels are a criminally underrated band. This song is in regular rotation, especially on days when I need to get my mind right.

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