Time Warp Tuesday is upon us, children! Gather around and bask in the glow of the screen of your choice while I regale you with tales of my tortured adolescence--and because I am feeling generous I'll toss in some music, too. 

I make these posts every week. I forgot last Tuesday because I am a miserable, sad woman who should basically be reduced to protecting bridges by asking passersby a riddle or whatever... but yeah, I suck. I'm sorry. Let me make it up to you now with these seven bangers from back in the day.

Connected/ Stereo MC's
I was eight when this song was released. We went to the beach that summer because my dad had gotten a bonus from his job at Eckerd Drugs, and I remember being way bummed because some kids kept peeing in the condo pool. My vacation was ruined.

Is there an alt-rock song with a better summer vibe? NO. The answer is no.

Block Rockin' Beats/ The Chemical Brothers
The only thing bigger than this song in 1997? JNCOs--which, btw, are making a comeback.

You Look So Fine/ Garbage
If you need me, I'll be scribbling my crush's name in my Trapper Keeper.

Twilight/ Elliot Smith
Few artists convey the raw vulnerability for which Elliot Smith was known. "Twilight" just guts me. Everytime.

Brimful of Asha/ Cornershop
We need a more upbeat track after that last one, and EVERYBODY NEEDS A BOSOM FOR A PILLOW. (Repeat ad infinitum)

Lovesong/ The Cure
You'll never make it out of one of these Time Warp Tuesday posts without a Cure song. This is a fact.

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