It's time for my weekly roundup of throwback tracks and their associated emotional trauma. I'm sharing seven Time Warp Tuesday songs with you right now.

Myth/ Beach House
I am coming to terms with my addiction to dream pop, and this Beach House song encompasses all the things I love about the genre. "Myth" also contains one of my favorite song lyrics: What comes after this momentary bliss? The consequence of what you do to me. 

Shadow/ Chromatics
I had never heard this song until it was used in the last season of Twin Peaks. It's a dream pop banger, so you know I am very much here for it.

Goodbye Horses/ Q Lazzarus
We need to talk about "Goodbye Horses." Was it featured in one of the creepiest scenes in cinematic history? Yes. Is it still an undeniable bop? ALSO YES. Just give it a chance, people.

Walk it Back/ The National
Sleep Well Beast dropped two years ago, and this song is still in heavy rotation on your girl's playlist. "Walk it Back" is such an achingly beautiful song, and who doesn't relate to the sentiment of feeling too much too soon?

Just Like Heaven/ The Cure
I'm not entirely sure that I still believe in the concept of romantic love, but... if falling in love is real, it sounds like this.

Hey Sandy/ Polaris
Y'all remember The Adventures of Pete & Pete from Nickelodeon? This was peak 90's Nick, and hearing "Hey Sandy" takes me back to the days of riding my bike barefoot and coming home to watch TV and drink Ecto-Coolers.

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