Y'all ready to crack open the Alt Vault for my favorite retro tracks of the week?

Alex Chilton/ The Replacements
This song slaps.

The Perfect Kiss/ New Order
Speaking of things that slap... name a better bass line. You can't.

Nose Ring Girl/ Nerf Herder
How about some nerdrock? My high school boyfriend put this on a mix cd (ha) he made for me, and I swooned so hard.

In the Waiting Line/ Zero 7
The Garden State soundtrack dropped my sophomore year of college. I think literally everyone I knew had a copy, which meant this song played in the background for many, uh, nighttime study sessions.

Under Your Spell/ Desire
This song is so undeniably sexy.

Keen on Boys/ The Radio Dept
Summer is here, and this is a great anthem for driving around with the windows down.

To Wish Impossible Things/ The Cure
You know your girl had to get a Cure song in the mix. I like to listen to this one while crying in the bathtub, but you do you.

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