We're cracking open the Alt Vault for another Time Warp Tuesday, so I'm sharing what's on my personal playlist this week.

Age of Consent/ New Order
It's almost spring, and there's nothing I love more than driving around town with my windows down on a picturesque day. This song just begs for the open road, as the dreamy synths could almost fill the sky.

French Navy/ Camera Obscura
How about some sweet Scottish twee for your Tuesday? I adore this song. I adore this band.

B.O.B./ OutKast
When I was in college, I worked for the campus radio station. We played this song as a "DJ Choice" so often our faculty advisor pulled it from our computer system. "B.O.B" is like 20 years old, and it still slaps.

Silver Soul/ Beach House
Twin Peaks Day was Sunday, so this track is still stuck in my head. With a refrain like "It is happening again," you can't tell me "Silver Soul" doesn't have a Lynchian vibe.

Brimful of Asha/ Cornershop
Y'all remember this one? Such a banger.

Evil/ Interpol
I love this song, but tbh, the video still gives me nightmares.

Temptation/ New Order
I realize this is my second New Order song in this post, but whatever. I love New Order. This version of 'Temptation' is superior to all others, and I will physically fight you if you disagree.

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