It's Time Warp Tuesday, y'all! Let's go digging through the depths of my music library to find seven essential tracks for this week.

Incinerate/ Sonic Youth
Turn it up and feel how hard this song SLAPS. I spent yesterday afternoon driving around with the windows down with my speakers cranked to an utterly unholy volume, and let me tell you, friends, it felt SO GOOD.

This Charming Man/ The Smiths
It ain't Time Warp Tuesday if your girl isn't blasting The Smiths. God help me, I adore pretentious Brit Pop, and anytime is the right time for The Smiths. Also: please watch this bonus video (you can thank me later).

Four Kicks/ Kings of Leon
This one takes me BACK. I'm talking wild college days (or at least what I can remember of said college days). I love old school Kings of Leon--the dirty, gritty, unpolished Kings of Leon, the Kings of Leon that make you want to shoot some well whiskey and raise unmitigated hell.

Closedown/ The Cure
I do this thing a few times a year when I attempt to deny my love for depressing music, but guess what? I'm back on my bullshhhhhhhhh. Disintegration is one of my Top Five Favorite Albums of All Time, and this is such a heartbreaking and beautiful song.

Army of Me/ Björk
I listen to this track to get myself pumped for a big day at work or any time I need to feel like a badass Icelandic warrior princess.

The Sound of Settling/ Death Cab for Cutie
I heard Death Cab for Cutie for the first time my sophomore year of college. I'd started a shift as a DJ at the college radio station, and as a kid from a small town in Kentucky, I had no idea there was so much great music out there. I'll always have a special place in my heart for Transatlanticism.

Red Eyes/ The War on Drugs
I'm not 100% certain that you could classify The War on Drugs as 'Dream Pop,' but I get absolutely lost in this song.

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