The official trailer for the upcoming film Woodlawn hit the internet today, and now you can get your first glimpse of Jon Voight as Bear Bryant! What's all the hype about? Woodlawn is based on a true story from right here in Alabama. Check out the film's official synopsis:

In 1973, a spiritual awakening captured the heart of nearly every player of the Woodlawn High School football team, including its coach Tandy Gerelds. Their dedication to love and unity in a school filled with racism and hate leads to the largest high school football game ever played in the torn city of Birmingham, Alabama, and the rise of its first African American superstar, Tony Nathan.

Woodlawn was filmed in and around Birmingham. Its directors, brothers Anthony and Jon Erwin, are residents of the Magic City.

In addition to Jon Voight, the film also stars Sean Astin, Sherri Shepard, and C. Thomas Howell-- and former University of Alabama Football player Caleb Castille.

Woodlawn hits theaters October 16, 2015. Learn more about the film by checking out its official Facebook page HERE.