The alt-pop trio Little Image is coming to Birmingham this month.

Kicking off The Self Titled Tour in the Iron City, the indie group will perform at the Saturn on Wednesday, August 23.

Little Image recommends that if you like All Time Low or Joywave that you give them a try. If you know The Wrecks, The Happy Fits or half-alive, there's also some similarities there.

The band just placed in the top 10 on alternative radio with their song "Out of My Mind."

Check out the music video here, it and the song are both a lot of fun:

I'm also a big fan of the song "Worth It" off the Self-Titled album. And "Blue" provides some good sonic contrast to the band's sound.

The tour will have support from Hastings and Levi Evans.

Tickets can be purchased now on the band's website.

Courtesy of little image via Facebook
Courtesy of little image via Facebook

Little Image

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