Welcome back to Paradise Presses Play. My short attention span has both positives and drawbacks. With so many games that I've bought I've been introduced to both old and new console generations. One of these consoles that I was introduced to thanks to a game compilation, and that console was the Neo Geo. This console was ahead of its time to say the least. Problems arose with its price however, and some might not know how amazing some of the games were. Thank goodness for the column right?

Thankfully, through the wonder of the internet, the Neo Geo has experienced a revolution in terms of being remembered. This next game just wows with everything it brings to the diamond.

This week's selection is none other than Baseball Stars 2!

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This is far from a regular baseball game. Sights and sounds immediately set you up for something that is clearly different. After choosing which league to play in, you're off to the diamond. Baseball Stars 2 plays like any baseball arcade game, but the personality of the game is blasted to eleven.

Photo courtesy of ign.com

Pitchers grin after every strike. Batters break or throw bats after striking out. If it's close call at the base, you can bet someone will be arguing the call. If runners don't make to the base they pound the ground after being called out. Fielders grin and laugh when they make a catch. You might even get a thumbs down from the pitcher if you strike out to end the inning. Players aren't afraid to be cocky, and it might even get under your own skin while playing the game.

Photo courtesy of ign.com

If you don't want to play against the computer, you can play against a friend in a brawl to decide who the better player is. And don't be afraid to celebrate like the players do, because at the end of the day, it's winner take all!

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