Welcome back to Paradise Presses Play! You know, the 90s weren't that bad all things considered. I was born in 1992 after all, so I kind of have to defend it haha. Games were still in arcades, and the console market was somewhat beginning to form shape. We've already talked about how much I thought the Neo Geo was underrated, and while perusing my long list of games owned, I came across another classic and immediately revisited it, and then thought "why did I stop playing this?"

This week's game is none other Windjammers!

Photo courtesy of ign.com

I know what you're thinking, what in the world is the Windjammers? Well allow me to explain. Think of it like this, it's air hockey sort of mixed with ultimate frisbee.

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That might confuse you more, but hang on. So it works like this, it's one on one matches with the goal of scoring twelve points to win a set. Players throw the frisbee back and forth with the ultimate goal of scoring on your opponents net. Depending on where the frisbee hits, it could be worth 3 points, or 5 points.

Photo courtesy of ign.com

Matches are fast paced and if you even let up for a second, your opponent will take advantage. With the frisbee bouncing all over the place, it'll take sharp wit to attack and defend. Since the game has entered the online age, you can also play against friends or others across the world.

Photo courtesy of ign.com

So grab some sunscreen and get ready for some nonstop nostalgia, it's time to take to the court.


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