Welcome back to Paradise Presses Play. Golf has always been a sport that is supposed to relaxing. However, it's kind of hard to relax when you mess up shots and shoot over par instead of under par. Or you keep hitting terrible shots. Actually at this point I'm describing my golf game...anyway back to the topic at hand. We travel back once again to the Neo Geo era to play one of the greatest golf games ever made.

This week's selection is none other than Neo Turf Masters!

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Arcade games always have some type of quirk to them. And this Neo Geo classic certainly presents itself as a normal golf game. 6 characters to select, 4 courses to pick, with one to unlock. But once you get out on the course things are way different.

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A simple 3 click shot system makes it easy to hit too! So what's so difficult about this golf game?

The difficulty, my goodness.

Sometimes getting par on a single hole is the worst of your problems. The course designs are some of the most unforgiving you'll ever see. A 600 yard par 5? What? A par 3 with a hole completely surrounded by water with little room for error? That's included. You make one mistake and it might throw you off your game in a second.

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Putting is also just nightmare inducing. Too little or too much on power and your putt might miss the hole! And with greens that are hard to read, things are going to get frustrating quickly.

Try to not break your club, and let's get out there.

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