Welcome back to Paradise Presses Play. Last year this game got released and I was one of the first on the hype train. Just a fair warning, I'll be talking about this series a lot on this little feature I do. Anytime a new game in the series is announced my mind begins to wonder what kind of horror shows will appear in the game, and I make sure to play the game when the lights are on. But enough talk, let's muster up some courage and survive this insanity.

This week's selection is none other than Resident Evil Village!

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Story: It's been a long 3 years since Ethan and Mia Winters survived the Baker family and everything that went awry in Louisiana. Now things have calmed down considerably, and the Winters have welcomed a new child named Rosemary to the family. But one night, while dinner is about to be served, Chris Redfield busts into the house, kills Mia, and takes Rosemary away. Ethan is knocked out, and awakes in basically no man's land. His journey begins here, where it will end, nobody will know...

RE8 plays basically like a mixture of RE7 and RE4. The first person action, with the inventory management combined with the horror really just works perfectly. Ethan's journey will take him through a castle, through what looks like a normal house, and other places that you couldn't imagine going into. To say things look bleak would be an understatement. But Ethan and you will have to go through it all for Rose.

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Steady the nerves, be ready for whatever comes, and most importantly...survive.

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