Welcome back to Paradise Presses Play. Thinking back on childhood, all of us would play some type of fantasy-like game on the playground. Some would pretend to be cowboys, others outlaws, some even superheroes. But there's one that we'll focus on today, and that is sometimes when we would pretend to be samurai. The honor and more importantly, the sword. While as adults we sometimes forget these times, that's why video games are around to help us remember those times.

This week's game is none other than Ghost of Tsushima!

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Story: Taking place in the titular island of Tsushima, Mongols have invaded and to say the least, wreaking havoc across the island. Set right at the start of battle, Jin Sakai and his uncle Lord Shimura charge into a battle to stop the Mongols. Things quickly deteriorate, with Jin seriously wounded and left on the beach to die, while his uncle is captured. Awakening, and not sure how he is alive, he comes across a thief named Yuna, who also happens to be the person who cared for him while wounded. It is up to Jin to reclaim Tsushima, with your guiding hand as the wind.

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This game about took my breath away when I first started it. The style and attention to detail is amazing. It almost feels like I'm there sometimes, or I feel like I'm watching a movie. The sword gameplay is satisfying, and the end of hard fought battle you feel like you could take on the world.

Until the next battle starts, and you fight different enemies trying to stop you on your quest to liberate the island.

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There's so much packed into this game, I feel like I've barely scratched the surface. When a showdown or duel begins, there's always a tension that builds. You get nervous, every move becomes increasingly important, with one mistake possibly costing you health.

It's a game that fulfills the "games as an art form." If you haven't given this one a look, go for it.

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