Another week, done! I went through it trying to soak up everything cool about it and wanted to note the first day of summer was the coolest we've had since March!

So that happened this week along with other cool things I've pointed out below.

Portugal. The Man announced their upcoming show in Birmingham! The show is at BJCC Concert Hall on September 13th and all proceeds from ticket sales will benefit Noise for Now, a non-profit organization that connects artists with grassroots organizations that are dedicated to empowering women and protecting their access to health care. All proceeds from this show will go directly to Planned Parenthood and the Dr. Willie Parker Fund.

My buddy John Calvin Abney put out a video for his song 'Get Your House in Order!' He has been on tour for the better part of two years playing guitar with John Moreland but in the little spare time he has, he made a fantastic record called Coyote! Some of you may have seen him in one of his many visits to Druid City Brewing Company and if you have, you know this guy is the real deal, humble and happy to be playing music!

Best Coast is releasing an album for kids called Best Kids and the first track from it is catchy as hell! I don't know if it's a true, for real kid's album but so far, I'm digging it!

Honorable mentions:

Have a great weekend and hope for more cool stuff next week!

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