Having a beer named after me has been an amazing honor and the amount of beer lovers who come to me to say how much they love it, equally amazing. 

I really didn't have that much to do with the beer. It was the brainchild of Band of Brothers brew master Jeremiah Donald. The only input I had was during a drunken convo one night, I told Jeremiah that I like a spicy beer and would love to see what cracked peppercorns would taste like with beer. Hence the addition of pepper and coriander to the Monk on the Radio Belgian Blonde.

Anyway, after a few years on the market it's great to know people are enjoying what began as a conversation between a radio dude and a beer scientist.

Check out Paste Magazine's list of '7 Alabama Beers You Didn't Know You Needed in Your Life.' Props also go out to Bo, Elliott and the crew at Druid City Brewing Company for making the list!


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