It seems like a million years ago now but there was a time when you could go into any bar in Tuscaloosa and grab a beer named Monk on the Radio! What a glorious honor it was to have a beer named after me! I really didn't have that much to do with the beer. It was the brainchild of Band of Brothers brew master Jeremiah Donald. The only input I had was during a slightly drunken convo one night, I told Jeremiah that I like a spicy beer and would love to see what cracked peppercorns would taste like with beer. Hence the addition of pepper and coriander to the Monk on the Radio Belgian Blonde.

The beer was in production from June 2016 until Band of Brothers Brewing Company closed its doors, sometime in 2019. At one point, according to distributor Greene Beverage (now Adams Beverages, Inc.), Monk on the Radio was the number two best selling beer in Tuscaloosa behind Bud Light. Paste Magazine even ranked it Number 1 on their '7 Alabama Beers You Didn't Know You Needed in Your Life' list!

Anyway, I'm just feeling sentimental about it now. If you tried it, thank you! Love it or hate it, I'm glad you gave it a shot. If you didn't have the chance, I wish you could have. Maybe one day someone will bring it back to life!

Band of Brothers Brewing Co.
Band of Brothers Brewing Co.

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