This week's show saw lots of first-timers to Indies Only. Names like Band of Horses,  Kate Bollinger, k!lly !dol, Kiltro, Novelty Island, and more!

The most exciting track for me would have to be Crutch, the latest from Seattle's Band of Horses! The song is from their forthcoming album, Things Are Great, scheduled for release on January 21, 2022. Everything about the song sounded perfect in this week's mix so look forward to hearing it many more times.

Also, helping with the flow, were killer tracks from Eels, Catbells, Almost Monday, Olive Vox, Mitski, Zebrahead, among others.

Here's what you may or may not have heard...

Hour 1

  • Alex Orange Drink - How High
  • Kate Bollinger - Shadows 
  • Eels - Good Night On Earth
  • Catbells - Same As You
  • Lala Lala - Beautiful Directions
  • Death Valley Girls - It’s Really Kind of Amazing
  • Novelty Island - Michael Afternoon 
  • We Are Scientists - Contact High 
  • Tummyache - Soak 
  • Caroline & Claude - Stir the Pot
  • The Record Company - Ain’t Going Home
  • Band of Horses - Crutch
  • The Used - River Stay 
  • Zeph - Are You? 
  • Cheekface - Next To Me 

Hour 2

  • Rancid Eddie - Dry 
  • Pillow Queens - Rats 
  • Good Morning - Depends on What I Know 
  • Olive Vox - Bury Me Low 
  • Orion Sun - Concrete
  • Porches - Back3School 
  • Geographer - The Other Side 
  • Almost Monday - Cool Enough 
  • Broken Baby - Manic Panic
  • Henry Chadwick - Mind’s Eye
  • Pip Blom - Different Tune 
  • Summer Years - The Picture You Paint 
  • Mamalarky - Meadow
  • Dope Lemon - Rose Pink Cadillac 
  • Jaguar Jonze - Who Died and Made You King? 
  • NOBRO - Better Each Day

Hour 3

  • Mitski - Working for the Knife
  • Kiltro - Cuchito 
  • Near Beer - The Alarmists 
  • Blonde in Car - 23 and Me 
  • Future Crib - Most Likely Never Going to Die 
  • k!lly !dol - Come Down 
  • Deap Vally - Magic Medicine  
  • Courtney Barnett - Write a List of Things to Look Forward To 
  • Man or Astro-Man? - Tenth Planet 
  • Sam Evian - Never Know 
  • Zebrahead - Out of Time
  • Hayden Thorpe - Golden Ratio
  • Kids in America - Dive 
  • White Lies - As I Try Not to Fall Apart
  • Smallpools - Slowdown

This week's focus track is Working for the Knife from Mitski! A recent review by Pitchfork stated,

Throughout the song, Mitski contemplates the knife—a metaphor for the systems that ensnare us, the expectations of others, our own standards—as if it were a cold object resting in her hands. Though her knife is capable of cruelty, it can carve out a reason to keep living in moments of deep despair.


You can also download the song on Mitski's Bandcamp page.

I hope you were able to listen and maybe found a few new artists you were into. If not, you'll have another chance this Saturday night from 9 pm-12 am. Follow Indies Only on Instagram for an advanced look at some of the music coming each week!

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