If you had your ear to a speaker this past Saturday night, you noticed that we were only able to do about two hours of the show. 

I guess Mother Nature can be blamed but with all the flooding that was happening late last Saturday, I gladly stepped back and let our team handle getting information out.

I could promise you that hour one was going to be a banger! I could promise you that hour one was the best selection of absolute monster we've ever had! But I won't. LOL! Actually, it made my job easier this time around because I'm just shifting weeks... so everything you didn't hear last week will air on Saturday.

Here's how the second and third hour played out...

Hour 2

  • Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen - Like I Used To 
  • The FMs - Song X 
  • Lionel Boy - I’m Not Afraid 
  • IDLES - Damaged Goods (Gang of Four cover)
  • Delacey - Boy with the Blues
  • Spud Cannon - You Got It All (NOT) 
  • Emily 7 - Somebody
  • Sleater-Kinney - Method
  • Ratinoff - Take Me Away
  • Bnny - Time Walk 
  • SLOTHRUST - Once More for the Ocean 
  • Hippo Campus - Bad Dream Baby
  • Pom Pom Squad - Crying
  • Destroy Boys - Drink 
  • Rhett Repko - Late Nights 
  • TEMPOREX - Delayed

Hour 3

  • Lucy Dacus - Brando 
  • Cedric Burnside - Step In 
  • Squirrel Flower - Flames and Flat Tires
  • The Go! Team - A Bee Without Its Sting
  • Smoothboi Ezra - Without Me 
  • ULNA - Turn the Record On
  • Emby Alexander - Dye It Gold
  • Suzi Moon - Nuthin’ to Me 
  • Darkbird - Heartbeat
  • Smallpools - Life of the Party
  • Sam Evian - Easy to Love
  • Illuminati Hotties - Pool Hopping 
  • The Revelries - Little Things
  • Mansionair (with Yahtzel) - Don’t Wait  
  • The Sea at Midnight - We Share the Same Stars

I hope you were able to listen to what did actually air and maybe found a few new artists you were into. If not, you'll have another chance every Saturday night from 9 pm-12 am. Follow Indies Only on Instagram for a peek at some of the music coming each week!

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