This week, the guys from legendary Guided By Voices introduced a side-project, we heard new music from Birmingham's Les Nuby, Teen Creeps, and more! 

Cub Scout Bowling Pins is being touted as a “mysterious” new band by Guided By Voices vocalist Robert Pollard. The story I heard was that the record was essentially all of GBV recording their parts from individually while in quarantine. Either way, it's great!

We also heard new tracks from Kiwi Jr., who released their record last week, as well as a fresh banger from Dylan Cartlidge, a Go-Go's cover by Austin's Tiarra Girls, and even a new track from Vampire Weekend bassist Chris Baio, aptly named Baio!

Here's how it went...

Hour 1

  • Kash’d Out - Good at Gettin’ By 
  • Alaska Reid - Big Bunny
  • Cub Scout Bowling Pins - Heaven Beats Iowa
  • America Part Two - I Don’t Wanna
  • Babe Club - Automatic Love
  • Valley Boy - Sad Girl 
  • Goldpark - Beautiful Desperation 
  • Kiwi Jr. - Waiting in Line
  • Sydney Sprague - Object Permanence
  • Darkside - Liberty Bell 
  • Teenage Wrist - Yellowbelly
  • Lucero - Back in Ohio
  • Pom Poko - Like a Lady 
  • Dylan Cartlidge - Molasses (Walk the Walk) 
  • Because Villains - What You Say 

Hour 2

  • Quiet Canyons - We Overflow 
  • Miss Grit - Imposter 
  • Les Nuby - Secret Life of the Party 
  • Homeschool - Satisfied
  • Adult Mom - Sober
  • Big Ideas - The American Dream 
  • Slow Magic - Heartbeat: Helicopter 
  • Tiarra Girls - Can’t Stop the World
  • Hiss Golden Messenger - Sanctuary 
  • TV Priest - This Island  
  • Teen Creeps - Fall Out
  • The Hold Steady - Heavy Covenant 
  • The Matchstick Skeletons - Told Ya So
  • Nancy - 7-Foot-Tall Post-Suicidal Feel Good Blues

Hour 3

  • Middle Kids - Questions
  • Baby Boys - Cannonball 
  • Aaron Frazer - Over You 
  • The Stone Souls - Why Would You 
  • Night Beats - That’s All You Got 
  • Kids in America (with Luna Aura) - Afterlife 
  • Beach Bunny - Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)
  • Baby Strange - More! More! More! 
  • Frances Forever - Space Girl 
  • Jealous of the Birds - Pendulum
  • Baio - Dead Hand Control 
  • Starbenders - Coming Up Roses
  • Typhoon - Empire Builder
  • Cody Lee - The New Normal 
  • The Voidz - Alien Crime Lord

I hope you were able to listen to the show and found a few artists you were into. If not, you'll have another chance every Saturday night from 9 pm-12 am. Follow Indies Only on Instagram for a peek at some of the music coming each week.