Alternative music as a whole has always strived to stay current and break the rules and a lot of times it starts with the smaller, grass roots bands. 

The bands that just love making music and don't necessarily care about record deals as much as they do about showing off their art and making music people seek out. With the recent surge in social media, a lot of bands no longer need website to get their music heard. Putting a few songs on sites like Bandcamp and Soundcloud can be just a effective.

'Indies Only' is a show that will bring those lesser know, independent and unsigned artists to you from 9pm-midnight each Saturday night starting August 4th. Each week I'll showcase those bands who have decided not to sign with a major label or haven't made it onto one yet. You'll hear music from names like Mudhoney, Snail Mail, Kississippi, Alkaline Trio, and more!

Plus, we'll be doing weekly indie vinyl giveaways here on our site!

I don't want to give away too much info about the first show but below is a video from Naked Giants, one of the bands I plan to feature on August 4th.

Okay so Saturday, August 4th you're listening right? Please tell you friends, share this article, follow us on Twitter, literally anything you can do to help us get the word out!

'Indies Only' will air on Alt 101.7 in Tuscaloosa and surrounding areas or you can listen live online and on the Alt 101.7 app.

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