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Two wars, housing collapse, unimaginable college debt, economic collapse and Katy Perry. These are a few of the things Millennials had to live and deal with in their short but challenged life so far.

Myself being 25 years old, I still scrape by and dig in my couch for quarters to wash my dirty laundry. I'm still eating ramen noodles like I did in college. I still only go out for dinner once a month. Why does everything seem so hard and feel like I'm fighting an uphill battle for success with a college degree, full-time job and an endless drive for triumph?

The reason why is because we're the largest generation of all time, the most educated generation of all time and our student debt shows it. With being the most educated, we are also the most open-minded and most creative generation of all time here in America. We bring light to social injustices and empower the marginalized groups of our society. But for some reason, we still earn 20% less than the Baby Boomers did.

All of this just doesn't make sense to me – it feels like we're a lost generation that has done most to this world, for the better. We fight to keep this planet clean from the prior abuse the older generations left it, but we struggle to put food on the table or even put gas in the car.

Why is that?

In my own personal opinion, the rich business owners and corporations have been exploiting us since the day we filled out our job applications. They dangle our jobs over our heads saying, 'You're lucky that you even have a job.' But the fact is, they are lucky they have the most educated, open-minded and creative generation to have ever walked this earth.

Millennials, be proud of what we stand for. Be proud of the $*!% we're going through because one day we're going to run this world and become the bosses of society.

Remember how you are living right now and make sure this doesn't happen to our future generations ever again.


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