There are moments when February feels like yesterday, and then there are times when it feels like a million years have passed since the novel Coronavirus first came to the United States. I cannot believe how much our lives have changed in the past five months, and I don't know about y'all, but I am OVER THIS $#*^.

I haven't seen my parents since Christmas. My mother is immunocompromised, and she's also a high school teacher who is getting ready to return to the classroom. She's so scared of contracting COVID-19 that she's updated her will.

My little sister lives in Kentucky. She just bought a house, and I was planning to surprise her soon with a weekend visit, but now I can't. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear has limited travel to and from Alabama, so my going to Bowling Green could put others at risk.

You know what I was supposed to be doing tonight? I was supposed to be in Missoula, Montana to see my favorite band, The National. Their tour was cancelled earlier this year, just like every other damn thing I have ever planned.

And don't get me started on how IMPOSSIBLE it is to work and help a child do distance learning.

Or how much it SUCKS to see bars, restaurants, and local businesses close due to the economic impact of the novel Coronavirus.

And the CONSTANT anxiety I feel about catching or unknowingly spreading the virus.

Or how EXHAUSTING it is to see people constantly arguing and tearing each other apart because they've decided to politicize the virus.

I am completely over everything related to COVID-19. I eagerly await the day we get a vaccine and can return to some semblance of normalcy. How are you coping? How do you handle the stress? Hit me up on the app chat and tell me how you feel.

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