Which will take longer, building the tallest building of its age or improving a one-mile stretch of street?

Let me set the stage for you. In 1929 John J. Raskob, Coleman, Pierre du Pont, Louis G. Kaufman and Ellis P. Earle create the blueprint for the Empire State building in pursuit of erecting the tallest skyscraper in the world. On January 22, 1930, excavation begins and the first stone was set on Fifth Avenue downtown New York City. On March 17, 1930 construction actually begins, and in April 1931 The Empire State building is completely finished.

Now let me set another stage for you, the Summer of 2017 the Alabama Department of Transportation conducts a involvement meeting for restorations on Lurleen Wallace Boulevard between 15th St. and University Boulevard. Summer 2018 construction and demolition begins. The project is still incomplete.

Yes, the manpower of the magnificent feat in New York had more than 3,000 people involved and countless companies to lend a hand, but what I truly don't understand is why has a one-mile stretch in the heart of Tuscaloosa taken nearly two years to complete? You can take into account that weather is not an issue down here in the south, yet traffic cones and blockades are still up without personnel on site. The crews on the Empire State Building worked tirelessly through harsh and bitter winters to complete.

This improvement on Lurleen Wallace has only hurt Tuscaloosa businesses and caused a headache for drivers going on two years now.


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