Having an ounce of humility is truly the most genuine thing a person can offer. The age we live in today is over saturated with cockiness and disdain, kinda makes me sick to be honest.

I struggled with my identity when I turned 21. I was on the forge of disaster while being someone who I truly didn't know or understand. I probably was going through a funk or being an asshole, either or, I don't know. During that time of recklessness and struggle I found a song that actually meant something.

Written by a guy whose done a lot in his life from acting, producing and writing some pretty decent music. He's been around the block and I felt that connection in his music.

We're all entitled to a few good f-ups and we should own our f-ups.

I can't turn day into night I can't turn lead into gold. Not even sure I can see the light to get us off this goddamn dead end road


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