We’re only a couple of days away from the long Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial summer kickoff! This is really hitting me today, it’s almost the weekend.

I have family who live in Panama City, Florida. Just imagine at just about any given moment, they could roll down to the beach. Well, I can roll down to the drainage creek. It’s pretty good after a big rainstorm. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great place to live, I’m just craving the beach. Can you blame me?

Well, talking with my sisters about their plans for the weekend... Just guess what they want to do! Beach? Nope. Rather, they want to go camping in tents some place near Tallahassee. Then I ask, ‘umm, that sounds nice. Sooo, is it walking distance to the beach?’ My sister said, ‘sure, you could go swimming in the lake.’ Naturally I respond with, ‘what, a lake?’ They’re crazy going to a lake when you have the world’s best (ocean) beaches in your backyard.

Oh well, I’ll just daydream with this random beach video from youtube. Feel free to join me and leave your comments below.