Alabama Heroic War Veteran Mistreated At Tuscaloosa Restaurant
Athletes. Musicians. TikTok Influencers. Those are NOT heroes. Talented individuals absolutely. A hero is someone that has sacrificed so much, and sometimes their life, to serve our country. A few weeks ago, on Veterans Day, a Tuscaloosa family heard about a local restaurant honoring veterans.
Are Alabama Families Banning Unvaccinated Relatives From Thanksgiving
Here we go AGAIN! Now, this fight is still causing heartburn in 2021. Is this the way families in Tuscaloosa, Alabama are handling the holidays? According to a study out today, 3 in 5 Americans, are telling unvaccinated family members that they are not welcome at this years festivities.
Haunted Northport Mystery: Look Close At These Photos
Happy Halloween! This is how it all we go to Northport, Alabama. A listener of the Steve & DC Show on 95.3 The Bear contacted us with a mystery. A haunting mystery in 2021. This individual does not want us to give any names or exact locations.
Hot Take Time: Cadbury Creme Eggs are Trash
The chocolate shell is good, but inside there lurks a horror I can hardly comprehend: the filling--the nasty, thick, chalky, sugary filling. I just threw up a little in my mouth thinking about it. It's like someone took a big bowl of mucus , poured in a metric butt-ton of powdered sugar and thought, "This will work."

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