"Santeria" the 1996 hit song from Sublime is in the spotlight for this B101.7 Flashback Friday!

"I don't practice Santeria, I ain't got no crystal ball." The opening lyrics to the reggae rock jam of a song. A story about a jealous ex-boyfriend who thinks about using black magic, voodoo or "Santeria" to get his girl back! At least, the way I look at it. The song weaves through a roller coaster of emotions, from despair to anger to the peace to move on.

So, I say it's a relationship gone bad. Then you have some who say the song is about a dad, and refers to lines like, "Daddy's got a new Forty-Five." The other camp says the song is drug addiction, pointing to "Sancho," as a drug.

The music video below, was made about a month after the death of lead singer Brad Nowell. You'll notice the video contains ghostly images of Brad playing his guitar along with the band, which was created by using old concert footage of him.

Sublime "Santeria"

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