Ahead of Sunday's concert at Tuscaloosa Amphitheater, we put the B101.7 Flashback Friday spotlight on the hit single that started it all for Train!

'Meet Virginia' was initially slow to gain traction with radio airplay and sales, because nobody really knew who Train was. The single dropped in October of 1999 off the album Train, peaking at #20 in January of 2000.

"This song was inspired at least partially by one of Pat Monahan's friends, who according to Pat, would make up all these stories about stuff that Pat supposedly did. Pat says the song isn't supposed to be about one woman, but rather, several people," as noted by SongFacts.com.

'Meet Virginia' may not have topped the chart when it was released, but there is no denying through the years, it has become a signature song for Train and a song everyone knows!

Here's the music video!

Train 'Meet Virginia'

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