Some artists choose to cover and record a song they really like, adding their own fresh take. Then, you have the UK reggae/pop group UB40 who made a healthy career out of it.

The song '(I Can't Help) Fallin' In Love' is in the spotlight for this B101.7 Flashback Friday, driven by Townsend Honda. Originally recorded by the great Elvis Presley in 1961 and featured on the album Blue Hawaii. UB40 grabbed a hold of the song and released it in 1993. The more peppy version of the love song made it way the chart and grabbed a hold of the #1 spot. An international #1, topping the chart in the United States, United Kingdom, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, and New Zealand.

Yah man, we be jammin' yah, yah man, yah (I'm saying that in my best Jamaican reggae accent). Right. Below is the UB40 video.

UB40 '(I Can't Help) Fallin' In Love'

Okay, now the 'King of Rock and Roll's' version. I could go with the studio version. But, nah!! On YouTube, the original version isn't really a video, rather a slide show. You deserve something more entertaining. In the later years of his career, the Vegas shows, the jumpsuits, the crazy fans, all made for a live show. Below, is the live version of '(I Can't Help) Fallin' In Love.' Ah, thank you very much (I'm saying that in my best Elvis voice).

Elvis '(I Can't Help) Fallin' In Love'

Which version do you like more? Don't say neither! No need to be drinking haterade on a Friday. Haha.

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