Another week of good rock and alternative: we had new releases from Faye Webster, Jacob Collier and more. But our favorite album this week comes from art rock band Everything Everything:

Courtesy of Everything Everything on Facebook
Courtesy of Everything Everything on Facebook

Everything Everything band

Their new album Mountainhead features several tracks on more of the fun dance side of the rock genre.

Our favorite tracks include
- Your Money, My Summer
- Enter the Mirror
- End of the Contender
- Cold Reactor
- Dagger's Edge

Music Video for "Enter the Mirror"

The best songs of Mountainhead features lead singer Jonathan Higgs' melodic vocal delivery paired with distinctive verses and super catchy choruses.

Music Video for "Cold Reactor"

At almost an hour in length, Mountainhead acts a fun escape into the sonic world of Everything Everything.

Check out the playlist of our favorite songs here.

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