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With new chicken joints popping up here in town sometimes you have to take a step back and ask 'where did this all come from?'

When I first moved to Tuscaloosa I struggled to find new and fun restaurants here in town that I actually enjoyed. I went to every ritzy staple in town from BBQ to a steakhouse, some were good and some were awful. But the greatest places here in town are simple, small and realistically priced. With simple ingredients and smiles on the faces of the cashier it's hard to deny that Sharks Fish & Chicken has the answer to your fast food/ dine-in cravings.

Being introduced to this small kine mom and pop stop on Skyland Blvd. has changed my taste buds in a positive way. From gyros to fresh caught catfish they will never disappoint you. I can say this without a doubt, they have the most lively and personality driven cashier and works here in town that even Chick-Fil-A couldn't hold a candle to. Reasons why I think they're so great is because they treat everyone who works and comes in the building as if they are family - no matter race, ethnicity, sex or place of origin. People from the country of Jordan to people living on the West Side. The atmosphere walking in is like a friendly gas station building with kickass food ready to be served. Go support them today.

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