What Caused New COVID-19 Cases To Decline In Alabama?

It's safe to say that wearing face masks have become the new normal in Alabama and America. I remember back in April when I saw my first facemask out in public. It looked so odd. I thought to myself "Is that really necessary? Do they feel more protected?" Fast-forward a few months and we're under a statewide mandate to wear facemasks.

According to the Tuscaloosa Thread, Alabama recorded its lowest number of new COVID-19 cases in a month. the new case count was reported to be 1,123 new cases. Although this isn't the best number for new cases, it does show that something is causing new infection rates to decline.

I'd like to think it is the mask mandate issued by Alabama Governor Kay Ivey. I've now accepted that face masks are now the new norm. Instead of resisting, I'm just embracing it. I'm embracing the uncomfortable feeling of talking to someone while trying to make sure they understand me under my mask. Embracing the feeling of checking my pockets for my wallet, keys, cell phone and then getting to the doorway of a store and realizing I'm the only one without a mask! Yep! It's happened more times than I'd like to admit. The walk of shame back to my car is always funny to me.

I'd like to encourage everyone to continue to wear your masks. You can even have fun and represent your school, favorite sports team, or favorite food on your masks. It's ultimately about us wanting to continue this decline in new infections. The more we see a decline, hopefully, the sooner we can get back to regular life. Although I can't say wearing masks directly affected the numbers, it's hard to say they didn't.

What do you think caused the decline in new COVID-19 infection rates?

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