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Everyone has one or two bands that have a bad stigma or sound that they love (if yours is Nickelback, rethink your life choices).

During my childhood, I was surrounded by hard rock and heavy guitar solos, for me there's something about a high-up solo on the neck that rings in my little peanut brain. Being the son of a rock madman, I was introduced to a ton of great bands like 'English Beat', 'The Violent Femmes', 'Motorhead' and so man other bands that can get your hips swaying. But one band has always followed me everywhere I go, on my iPod and Apple Music account.

That band is AC/DC. Yeah ,the hard rocking classic rock band from Australia. With monumental riffs and catchy lyrics, they have always been my guilty pleasure group I listen to.

Over time, people have taken a dump on AC/DC's blues rock styling and it kills me knowing that they don't like original and often times cliche lyrics. I've been such a nut for that band, I've tried to act like their lead guitarist Angus Young and even try to walk like Brian May their 2nd lead singer. My childhood revolved around their tours and even their old music (the amount of times of done a paper or project on that band is slightly disturbing).

At the end of the day, let your freak flag fly with the guilty pleasure band playing in the background.

Roll Tide


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