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Driving to work today was something out of a 50's romance movie, the rain was gently hitting the pavement while steam was emerging from the sewer tops. The storm on the horizon and a sheet of rain incoming to blanket Tuscaloosa. I had to do one thing to completely set the mood for myself - Cry Song.

Yup you heard me, I started playing the most tear jerking song I had loaded in my Apple Music arsenal. 'The Boxer' by Mumford and Sons was blaring out my window with my eyes trying to hold back those sweet little droplets of release (not those kinds of droplets of release - you pervert).

Dude, crying is good for the soul. Whenever you have built of anxiety or stress - just cry that stuff out, man. Sometimes as a guy, we're expected to not have feelings, emotions or depression which makes it even harder to be mentally stable and good.

If this article has one point, it's to let you know that crying is all good and cool. Sometime stress builds up and you gotta get rid of it.

Roll Tide.

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