The Alabama Crimson Tide travels to Oxford, Mississippi this weekend to take on Ole Miss. It's going to be a matchup between Head Coach Nick Saban and his former Offensive Coordinator, Lane Kiffin.

I could go on at length about how much Ole Miss sucks--oh, wait: I already did--but there is one thing I cannot and will not do.

I will not talk trash about Lane Kiffin. I love him.

How great was it to see Lane in Crimson and White? (Getty Images)
How great was it to see Lane in Crimson and White? (Getty Images)

Lane Kiffin is a National Treasure. He is the man who brought Alabama's offense into the 21st Century. He is Joey Freshwater. He is a hell of a recruiter, an offensive genius, and probably one of the greatest people you can follow on Twitter.

What I am trying to say here is: grab your tickets, because the Lane Train is leaving the station--and I am the conductor.

The Alabama Crimson Tide Football Season is upon us. Those Bama Boys on the irongrid mean a great deal to those who make...

Posted by Druid City Brewing Company on Saturday, August 30, 2014

Alabama ended a decades-long drought by winning a National Championship back in 2009. The Tide had a perfect season that year, dominating almost all of its opponents. You know who almost kicked our ass that season? Tennessee. You know who was Tennessee's Head Coach.

Our boy, Lane Kiffin. He was just 33.

It took Rocky Block to stop the Vols from tarnishing the Tide's perfect season. Kiffin went on to coach at USC before he joined the Tide as our Offensive Coordinator in 2014.

I miss Lane's Waffle House play card. (Getty Images)
I miss Lane's Waffle House play sheet.
(Getty Images)

Watching Lane Kiffin at Alabama was my literal favorite thing. He would be on the sidelines with this ridiculous play sheet that looked like a Waffle House menu, and you never knew how he was going to attack--would it be Amari Cooper on a clutch catch or Derrick Henry plowing his way for another TD?

And his dynamic with Saban? *chef's kiss*

I miss the days when the Lane Train was in Tuscaloosa, but I am delighted to see him back in the SEC.

Call me, Lane.

Join us as we remember the good times Lane Kiffin brought to us all, and drink a beer in his honor. We'll miss you, Lane.

We open at 4.

Posted by Druid City Brewing Company on Monday, December 12, 2016

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