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Speaking for myself - 2020 will probably go down as the greatest year of my life in the most oddest ways.

Being confined is scary, just ask yourself. Quarantining and living in solitude has changed who I am, as a greater person. I've learned to deal with my issues outside of going to a bar or doing something. It taught me how to deal with my problems and insecurities head on, in my room alone.

Another fantastic thing I have accomplished is being more cleanly in my home. Being in my filth for the first week taught me, I was a semi-dirty person. Which I then spearheaded that issue head on with cleaning so often and frequently, my home now looks like a french museum. Seriously.

Lastly, I taught myself how to work on cars and trucks. Right before the quarantine, I bought a 1969 Chevy truck that I've been restoring almost everyday. Taking out carburetors, alternators, changing belts, replacing and installing steering, lifting and jacking, bleeding breaks, figuring out wiring, running hoses, adjusting timing belts and engine timing.

All these things I've learned are from the a virus. I'm grateful that this pandemic actually taught me valuable lessons in life that I will hold near and dear to my heart. But I also learned that people are not taking this virus seriously, which goes to show that peoples empathy is out of wack.

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