This summer movie season is clearly... Different... Than what we were expecting. With countless major blockbusters getting delayed for months, even some into next year, I for one am starving for for the inimitable feeling that these larger than life films can give me.

Luckily, this has given countless smaller movies the chance to thrive on streaming services, many of which I've been watching recently to get my fix of the once promised summer movie season. Here's a list of 10 movies you can watch right now that will tie you over until these movies finally come out.

Credit: Walt Disney Studios, A24

1. Mulan (March 27/Unspecified) / The Farewell

Looking for a film that is steeped in rich Chinese culture, and is packed with an Asian cast, and director? Lulu Wang's The Farewell (2019) is a heart-wrenching tale about family, culture, and loyalty that is worth not spoiling at all!

Credit: 20th Century Fox, NEON

2. The New Mutants (April 3/August 28) / Shirley

While we can still only speculate on the 2010's most infamously delayed movie The New Mutants, it looks like Shirley seems to capture its feel pretty well -- both focusing on a small cast of characters in an isolated space with horror undertones, Shirley tells the story of famed horror author Shirley Jackson gaining inspiration for her next novel after taking in a young couple.

Credit: Universal Pictures, Madman Films

3. No Time to Die (April 10/November 20) / Guns Akimbo

If you're in the mood for some straight-up action Guns Akimbo is the right choice for you. Here, Daniel Radcliffe portrays a game developer that dives headfirst into a live-streamed real-life death match... Also, he has guns attached to his hands.

Credit: Searchlight Pictures, Amazon Studios

4. Antlers (April 17/February 19, 2021) / The Vast of Night

While these two seem like they couldn't be more different - one steeped in old folklore, the other a tale of alien abduction - these two low-budget thrillers pitch themselves as slow-burns, oozing in atmosphere, like a storybook come to life (also, a little personal bias - Amazon Studios' The Vast of Night instantly became my favorite of this bunch).

Credit: Marvel Studios, Netflix

5. Black Widow (May 1/November 6) / The Old Guard

The Old Guard is Netflix's answer to the female-led superhero action romp that Black Widow set out to be. Derived from its own comic book, The Old Guard features an ensemble of mercenaries with the unique ability to heal themselves.

Credit: Warner Bros., Sony Pictures Entertainment

6. Wonder Woman 1984 (June 5/October 2) / Greyhound

This one's a bit of a stretch, but if you're looking for that period piece epic that Patty Jenkins' 2017 original film captured, then Greyhound is right for you! Written by and starring Tom Hanks, this AppleTV+ original tells the story of an Allied naval convoy crossing the Atlantic during WWII, while being relentlessly pursued by German U-boats.

Credit: Universal Pictures, IFC Midnight

7. Candyman (June 12/October 16) / The Wretched

If supernatural creature-feature is your genre, then The Wretched is right up your alley. The film centers around a  defiant teenage boy in the middle of his parents' divorce, facing off against a witch, who has possessed his next-door neighbor.

Credit: Pixar, Netflix

8. Soul (June 19/November 20) / The Half of It

If there's one thing you're going to a Pixar movie for, it's to have a good cry. And Netflix's The Half of It nails its coming of age feels-fest tone, featuring a shy girl helping the school jock in over a girl, whom they both secretly want.

Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment, Paramount

9. Ghostbusters: Afterlife (July 10/March 5, 2021) / The Lovebirds

Looking for a zany adventure film with a star-studded cast? Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani's joint venture The Lovebirds sees a couple on the brink of a breakup suddenly get involved in a bizarre murder mystery.

Credit: Searchlight Pictures, Netflix

10. The French Dispatch (July 24/Unspecified) / Da 5 Bloods

If the news of Wes Anderson's The French Dispatch getting delayed indefinitely hurt you as much as me, why not take a look at another film steeped in an auteur's unique vision and style? Spike Lee's newest film Da 5 Bloods (now on Netflix) tells the story of a group of Vietnam vets who return to find the remains of their fallen squad leader, and the gold he helped them bury.

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