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Great speeches live forever. Napoleon, Chruchill, Gehrig and now a UA partyboy has joined the chat.

On Instagram, I found a page that highlights college life on the campus of the University of Alabama, its called 'barstoolalabama' a curated chapter of the mega 'barstoolsports' franchise that specializes in sports betting, college humor, unpredictable mayhem and so much more.

The franchise was started under David Portnoy AKA 'Prez' in 2003 out of Milton, Mass.

The company strives to find content that 18-42 y/o males and females find humorous.

In a recent post by 'barstoolalabama', it shows a UA student prepping up his boys for their first night of town since the lift of the quarantine.

Quick Warning:

I do not know the ages of the students nor the substances they are about to consume, there's also a chat bubble that says the F-word. So you've been warned. 

Here is the transcript:

It's been a long time since we've been under the same roof, I think the question we need to ask each other.. When is the last time since the last time? Cause tonight it may be the last time. Who you gonna be tonight at Bear Trap, Innsfree and Gillettes. No matter where we go, who are you gonna be? How are you going to treat the situation? Are you gonna whoop the beer or are you gonna let the beer whoop you? This is what we trained for.




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