It was previously stated that there would likely be a second wave of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 and that Alabama would be one of those states that could be hit hard, as our social distancing practices have been poor at best.

We took the fact that our state is mostly rural for granted and assumed we’re less likely to contract the virus or that it wouldn’t spread as much as other areas.

While we may not be hit as hard as other metropolitan areas, the fact remains that

When CNN can highlight your state as one where coronavirus cases have surged and news crews captured video of crowds at the beach, there’s something we really aren’t getting.

However, Drs. Jamie and Keisha Lowther of Generations Primary Care in Tuscaloosa urge the importance of continuing to practices safety.

The DCH website states that the number of patients being treated for COVID-19 increased from 32 to 63 between May 20 and May 25. Of those 63, 18 are in ICU and 8 are on ventilators. However, of the patients treated at DCH, 106 have recovered. An additional 29 have died. Check all of the stats here.

If knowing the aggressive nature of the virus isn’t enough, knowing the way it affects some more than others should cause some concern. NOBODY should have to die alone.

Do your part to keep your loved ones and medical personnel safe. Continue to practice social distancing, use personal protective equipment, practice good hygiene, and stay home as much as possible.  Sure, cabin fever may set in. Take a break and get out the house, but STILL take preventive measures. Your life could depend on it.

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