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Living in Chicago, I was surrounded by great dog stands on each corner of the streets in the town. I'm a strange creature and I hate ketchup on my dogs -- because it's a sin to have that in the Chi. But with all that being said!! TUSCALOOSA NEEDS A HOTDOG VENDOR OR A BRICK AND MORTAR SHOP SOMEWHERE ASAP.

The overhead is easy -- get a location, work yourself to death for the first 2 months, buy 100 lbs of dogs that will cost you $25 via US FOODS, sell each dog at $4 a piece with specialty custom orders and add-ons that will make them go up in value. BOOM!! They will last you you're first 3 weeks. By the third month of opening you would automatically have the dog inventory already paid for. Simple as that.

Cooking hotdogs on a stove is probably one of the most American things you can possibly do and even a neanderthal can do it. Labor would be cheap and the people would line up for your 'specialty dog spot' here in T-Town.

If I were friends with Stan Pate, I would totally pitch this idea and kill it in the long run. All it takes is one smart guy to pull the money and make it happen -- and they will be filthy rich. With all open space for bars and restaurants on The Strip, the college kids would spend their savings at your shop.

Roll Tide.

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