Cannibal Jones, an indie rock band composed of three friends, has delivered a barrage of rock to Gordo, Ala. since 2008. Collin Pulmano, Steven Pulmano, and Brandon Yates all attended Gordo High School together, where they originally met. In 2008 they began playing together with Yates playing lead guitar and writing, Collin Pulmano singing the vocals and Steven Pulmano writing music and playing numerous instruments, and even producing the music.

Collin Pulmano, the vocalist, said they draw most of their inspiration from the heavy bands of their youth. Some of these are the most influential names in metal and rock, such as the Deftones, Smashing Pumpkins, Killswitch Engage, and even some Taking Back Sunday.

Cannibal Jones spends most of their time recording music that is new to their listeners, but not so new to the band. Collin Pulmano said a lot of their music starts as older songs from their high school days, short stories, or poems. From there, their instruments begin telling the story.

While the band uses horror films as the imagery for their music, their name isn't from an older movie or band. Collin Pulmano said the groups' name comes from a German trucker Steven Pulmano met on the dirt roads of Pickens County who went by the handle Cannibal Jones.

Right now, the group is working on their next album, Grimwood, and plan to finish recording next year. Their other albums, such as their first record, Benevola, are available for streaming on their youtube page, Cannibal Jones. They have created a Patreon where listeners can buy access to content such as lyric videos and teasers.

For more information about the band, visit their Facebook page, Cannibal Jones.

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