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Money doesn't but you happiness, really cool stuff does.

After the first week of the quarantine, I became super restless and just had the longing for something to do, because I was sooo bored. I tried almost everything -- knitting, working on cars, running, skating and everything in between to keep me busy during the day. I received one of those Facebook adds about a website called 'Newchic'.

So I checked out the website and found a ton of great button shirts that I thought were way out my style and price range because.... you know.... I work in radio. But i was dead freaking wrong!! Each of their button-ups were like $14 -- which in my eyes is a great price. After spending around $100 on my first order, I got a few button-ups two weeks later. Now I'm looking g double o d good.

Before the quarantine I was a black tee-shirt, black pants sort of guy. Day in and day out. No in between.

But now I'm rocking some fresh threads that have brought life into my style and complements to follow.  They say money can't buy you happiness, but truly I think it can. Maybe that's a bad way of thinking, but without the avenue of my bored self during the quarantine I would have been probably be knitting a sweater by now, thanks internet shopping -- you're the best.


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