The news has been on the street for months, that K-Mart would be closing several stores throughout The United States INCLUDING Tuscaloosa. In fact, for the past few months they've been liquidating inventory at closing stores.

Admittedly, I would walk into K-Mart at least once a week to see if there were any bargains worth taking home. However, even though they were slashing prices on everything in the store, the price discounts weren't as much as you would think for a store that was going out of business....and usually I would walk out of the store empty handed. This routine was going on for months.....until Today.

While stopping at Chick-fil-A' on Skyland to get myself a Chicken Biscuit this morning, I looked out across the street to see that K-Mart had finally OFFICIALLY CLOSED. Even though it was no surprise, it still made me kind of sad.

So, I drove through the parking lot one last time to pay my respects, and take the above picture. No more "Blue-Light Specials" for Tuscaloosa because K-Mart is no more.

R.I.P. K-Mart you will be missed :(

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