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Welcome back to Paradise Presses Play! It's volume 21 of our series, and we're returning to the PS2, one of if not the greatest console ever made. Recently I've gotten back into golfing. Well virtual golf at least. And there's a series that is well known to many on the Playstation family of systems. I got into the series late, but it was certainly better late than never.

This week's selection is Hot Shots Golf Fore!

No story here, just you, a set of clubs, a caddy, and the course await you. What makes the game different is the personalities the players display along with the one liners they spout out during the course of round. Caddies will compliment you when hit a nice shot, and will actively alert you when the ball is heading towards the pin. They'll also try to keep you in good spirits if you mess up a shot. Golfers themselves also bring their quirkiness the table, including a talking dog as a golfer, and yes he's one of my favorites.

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Not all characters are available from the start however, and to unlock them you must face them one on one in match play. Defeating them unlocks them for you to take the course with, and each match will test you skills, as well as you ability to adjust to rules that you might not be used to. One match for example will add +2 to your stroke total if you get caught in the rough.

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There's also tournament mode where you play multiple tourneys to earn points towards a stage trial to unlock more items and increase your level. And if you don't like regular golf as much, there's mini-golf too! In addition to all of this, you earn points while playing to spend at a in-game shop to unlock costumes, clubs, and more.

Time to hit the course again! See you out there.

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