He is not a man. I will not call him one.

This dirt bag, waste of skin needs to be removed or banned from Alabama forever! 

I do not want to ever again see "Alabama" next to his name.

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I'm sorry but NONE of the words above come close to describing this Alabama man.

I can't even report everything I have found out about the individual known as Hunter Tatum, 25, who UNFORTUNATELY is from Alabama.

According to police, Tatum, allegedly "executed" his 26-year-old wife, Summer, as well as their unborn son Everett, over a video game console.


In addition, this was after his wife found out he was CHEATING ON HER.


Let that sink in for a minute or two.

Hunter Tatum is the biggest candidate for a speedy trial and death penalty that I have seen in my time here on earth.


According to Oxygen True Crime, the prosecutors in Autauga County will seek the death penalty in this case.

The District Attorney's office also revealed how Summer Tatum begged for the life of her unborn child after a dispute over a broken X-box or Playstation console.

He was all too willing to tell the police officers his story/confession shortly after he called 911.

The officers say that his wife, Summer, was still alive when they responded to the call. She was found moaning in her own blood in the couple's bedroom.

Cops were able to locate the weapon, the one they believe was used in the double-murder.


This beautiful, pregnant woman was six months along with her boy she named Everett, when this attack happened.

In addition to all of those facts, she also suffered from cerebral palsy.

She BEGGED him not to kill her and her baby boy.

The death penalty is FAR too quick and painless for this lowlife.

He should SUFFER.

God Bless you sweet souls Summer and Everett Tatum.

I'm sorry you met the devil face to face.

Rest in peace.

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